Day 8

Tuesday was a day to wash clothes, restock supplies, and then hit the road again--this time, back in New York state. We had an evening meeting with the Brooklyn community with Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis and Pastor Darryl Clarke. We were well-fed and entertained with delicious food and beautiful song in our Brooklyn church property. It felt like a big family meal, with everyone really happy to meet each other and share directly with the members of the community there.

“For me the biggest inspiration is that feeling of unity with the nation. All of the leaders seemed to be really far from me. In this tour, I can feel I am part of this great walk. I even feel closer to True Mother through this team’s decision to come visit us. This has given me energy and more motivation to do this job. I feel I am part of something big.”

“One of the key aspects was that the youth really needs to get involved into witnessing. I feel that I have to push myself and really push other second-generation Unificationists to contribute and do good so that we can all be one group and fulfill Vision 2020.”