Day 1

The Northeast Harmony Tour kicked off with a bang at East Garden, where numerous families from the Belvedere area gathered to celebrate the 58th Holy Wedding Anniversary of our True Parents at East Garden. Following the celebration, Northeast Subregional Director Demian Dunkley and Secretary General Miilhan Stephens led a meeting to carry out the purpose of the 2-week tour: to share True Mother’s vision for the subregion, nation, and beyond, in order to move toward this vision in unity.

Fresh off of remembering the unity between True Parents at the beginning of their marriage 59 years ago, the group was especially inspired to unite with one another to create a witnessing environment in which tribal messiahship can thrive. 

After engaging in heart with the Belvedere community, Demian and Miilhan, along with the rest of the harmony team--videographer Luke Higuchi and assistant William Archibald--were off to the next stop on the tour: Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. Amidst the beautiful woods of central Pennsylvania, the team enjoyed coffee with Hans and Felicitas Moyer in the comfort of their home. There, the Moyers learned in detail about True Mother's vision and how to actualize this vision in unity. "I believe this tour is going to be a unifying opportunity for all of us to work together in our region," said Hans. Felicitas echoed his sentiments: "I really feel hope and sense of coming together as families and different organizations." 

Next, the harmony team ventured to Philadelphia. The local community welcomed them with open arms, eager to learn from their subregional director. Many young adults were in attendance, appreciating the opportunity to learn more about True Mother's heart. "I thought it was a really good experience to understand what Vision 2020 can be for me and for our own communities," said one young adult. "This reminded me of the bigger purpose beyond myself in our movement," said another participant. 

Tired from a long, rewarding day of meeting families and driving from East Garden to the depths of Pennsylvania, the harmony team ended their day with Tasnah Moyer, Hans' and Felicitas' daughter and Program Coordinator of the National Young Adult Ministry. Tashnah showed her support for the team by preparing tea, offering ice cream, and even providing garlic-infused oil for Demian, who is currently dealing with an ear infection. After receiving these gifts of appreciation from Tasnah, the team finally went to rest around 1am, as Delaware, their next destination, awaited them.