Day 2

After just four hours of sleep, the team was up and ready at 5:45am to head to their next destination: New Castle, Delaware. Once they arrived, Anne-Marie Mylar and other locals showered the team with love, as well as a huge delicious, breakfast. During their meal, Demian shared about the future of the movement, True Mother's vision, and unifying with her in fulfilling the providence as a subregion. Together, everyone discussed the logistics and strategies to better achieve these goals. 

 "This gives me a better idea of how to fulfill Vision 2020 in a way that is practical. It's not just somewhere in the clouds, but something I can work with."

– Anne-Marie

"We're starting to feel the significance of the tour, with each meeting building upon the identity of the northeast subregion."

– Demian

Anne-Marie, who is a nurse, was alarmed when she examined Demian's infected ear. "Don't let Demian continue the tour without treating it!" she said with love. So, with the battery for the RV dying, the team made their way to a pharmacy before continuing on with the tour.  

When they reached their next destination in Harrisburg, they weren't able to locate any blessed families in the area. Naturally, they did what anyone would do: pray and do push-ups, or as Demian calls it, "the manly way of kissing the earth." Because they had already intended to come to Harrisburg prior to the tour, they rededicated and refocused themselves in this way before continuing on with their journey.