Day 3

Hello, everyone! This is Demian. Thanks to Soyeon Kim who is back in the office in New York City and willing to take calls from me to record them, from now, I will be sharing about our journey from this harmony tour in first person.

We are now standing at a gas station in New York. I smell manure from all directions. It’s raining. The rich, soiled smell of manure was the first thing that greeted me as I got out of the RV. We’ve been traveling all day, starting very early this morning at Pittsburgh, where we stayed overnight at the Baldwins’ home. We woke up at 4:30am, got in the RV, and trekked all the way up to Buffalo.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find blessed families that currently live there. So we went to the shores of Lake Erie and prayed there until a passerby came along. We gave holy wine to them and prayed with them. Now we have a blessed person in Buffalo!


After Buffalo, we made our way to Ithaca, where we just got out of a late lunch with the Chad and Sue Hoover. Lovely couple. They have been living in Ithaca since the blessing in 1982. They have a beautiful home. When you walk into it, you just have a sense of peace and feel a grounded atmosphere. Chad and Sue live so far away physically from many other communities, so it was awesome to stop by even for an hour with the team to share some time together. We are now making our way to Barrytown! 

We were making our way to Barrytown as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, we did arrive about 40 minutes late. The community was still there, waiting for us, and we were really grateful for everyone who showed up. We were especially grateful for the enthusiastic response from the young generation. Check out some of the testimonies!