Day 4

On day 4, we woke up early. Again, we needed to leave before 5am to drive up to Albany to meet with everybody. We arrived in Albany before 7am for our farmhouse breakfast. We had a wonderful breakfast with the members there. It felt like we were living on a farm and that we were having our early morning breakfast before going out to the fields to work.  It gave me the idea of working alongside people you love and looking forward to that work. It’s healthy and good for you. We were really moved by the heart in response of the brothers and sisters there, especially Chris, who was so inspired. He told us that if we gave him a ride to his bank, he would donate $1000. God bless the Albany family. Thank you so much.

After Albany, we made our way up to Vermont, where we met with the state leader, Alex Nimick.

"We've been very excited to hear the heart of Mother and her vision given some flesh. We look forward to starting something, doing something, creating something family by family to work toward that."

—alex nimick

We stayed with the Mayars in a little town just outside Colchester. We spent the evening with them and it was great to hear from Robert with his ideas about how to work in relevant ways to society. We didn’t sleep in Vermont, though, and got straight back into the RV after dinner and made our way down towards Manchester, New Hampshire. But we had to work our way through very windy weather, just missing the side of the hurricane. At one point we stopped at a gas station for gas, but the weather was so bad that the electricity went out and they had to close the pumps. But we made it carefully and safely all the way to Manchester, ready for our morning meeting with Heather Thalheimer and brothers and sisters from around the area.