Day 5

Our morning began with a meeting with Heather and her team from the New Hampshire area. William, our RV driver, burst into the room with a couple that he met in the hallway of the hotel and said, "This couple wants to receive the blessing." After Heather and I went over to give them the blessing, we found out that they were especially grateful because they had just had a miscarriage.  

After Manchester, we went and drove up to Maine in Cape Elizabeth, a beautiful park on the shores of the Atlantic. On a beautiful sunny day, we were welcomed warmly by the community up there. Just as we arrived, Chris Hempowicz, district pastor, had arrived just before us and blessed three Syrian refugee families. When the RV pulled up, we met them and had fellowship with them, explaining what we were doing on this tour. After we shared food together and meeting with the Maine community, we took a group photo along with the Syrian families. We shared a beautiful picnic together, but because we were outside, we couldn’t use our projector for our presentation. So we made a presentation on a flip-chart. Old-school.

After receiving a lot of love from Maine, we went down to Morning Garden in Massachusetts. Beautiful location, beautiful home, with a great history of True Parents being there. We were ecstatic when Chris Hempowicz decided to join us from Manchester on the tour to visit other New England communities. We started off with a lovely dinner. The dining room was packed. We heard from each brother and sister about their family, their children.

We had a deep-hearted discussion about the good and the bad that needs to be restored in the northeast. I had asked them, "What is the Goree Island story of the Northeast?" In other words, what is the greatest pain or resentment needing to be liberated in the 10 states of the Northeast Subregion? It was a fascinating conversation, and I was moved by the deep insights and testimonies from the brothers and sisters there.

One common topic that came up was white privilege and arrogance. Despite the incredible work of the people who built the country, there were also those who abused power and acted against God's Will despite their mission. The discussion reminded me of True Mother's speech in Senegal and Vienna about the sins of the Europeans. As Christians they were meant to bring a blessing and prosperity to the people, not to selfishly take for themselves. As Unificationists it's important to reflect on our collective responsibilities. 

After dinner, we started off our evening presentation around 9:30pm. Still, everyone was awake and attentive until midnight. So grateful to everyone who showed up to Morning Garden to fellowship together and to receive True Mother’s vision and love. After a long day’s work, we were finally able to rest around 1:30am and slept very peacefully.