True Hustle

Fourteen youth from Subregion One set out on a three-day fundraising trip with the goal of building their personal foundation of faith and to lay a foundation of faith for the future of SR1.

To substantiate our vision for Subregion One in 2019, our Talent Management Coordinator, Denthew Learey, organized a three-day fundraising trip for our youth as a chance for them to work on their character, make new friends, experience God, and contribute to the goals of our subregion. On the 11th of January, they began with a kick off workshop to explain the value of fundraising and set goals. That evening, they broke off into teams and set off to Boston and Philadelphia with strong determinations and with the goal of raising $9,000 for the subregion. The program will end of the 13th on January where they will gather at the Belvedere Estate to reflect and discuss next steps.

We invite you to contribute to our new nation.