Heard about Vision 2020 but didn't quite understand what it means? Well, these presentations will break it down for you in a way that makes sense.



Here is a quick introduction including some background and some of True Mother's words when she restructured our movement in America.


This the "Vision" part of Vision 2020 in a nutshell. What is National Restoration for example?


This is where we breakdown True Mother's strategy for Vision 2020. You've heard about Witnessing, Witnessing Environment and Young Leadership, right? This video explains how that all works together. 


This is where we apply goals to the Vision 2020 Strategy. This video explains what we are measuring for success in the Northeast Subregion. 


This is an overview of our 2018 tactical approach to Vision 2020. What are we actually going to do in 2018 to work towards Vision 2020

The Harmony Tour

Want to see what the Northeast Nation looks like?Here is an overview of the Harmony Tour from spring of 2018. Lot's of pictures here!

Call to action

Here is what you can do to help right away.

Vision 2020 presentation live

Here is a full recording of the Vision 2020 presentation at 43rd street, NYC during the Harmony Tour 2018.